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Together with music – Patron: Denis Goldberg
International music and culture festival

The 70 years anniversary of the Music School Soest was the reason for the next big project which musicWays Germany e.V. decisively supported and shaped: “Together with music” was the motto of this international music and culture festival that occured on the 7th and 8th July 2017 in the Strabag-Halle, a former industrial hall.

"Modern Times": Movie scores with conductor David Crescenzi 

Proben mit David Crescenzi

The festival opened on the 7th July with a great concert of well known classical movie scores under the title “Modern Times”. The “Modern Times Ochestra” (MTO), a project orchestra of the Music School Soest, played under the direction of David Crescenzi. This well known italian conductor was hired by musicWays Germany, practiced with the orchestra daily and managed to drive the over 100 musicians strong orchestra to peak performance.

Aufführung "Modern Times"

Around 1000 people, young and old, came to the Strabag-Halle and were thrilled by the performances, showering the musicians with standing ovations. The amazing acoustic of the old industrial hall, the motivated ensemble, a charismatic conductor and the captivating atmosphere ensured an unforgettable evening. The media concluded: “Soest will remember this for a long time.”

musicWays Germany managed to win Denis Goldberg as a patron for the two day festival. The companion of Nelson Mandela wanted to personally attend the event as a patron and travel all the way from South Africa to Soest - but due to health concerns had to cancel on short notice.

"Moments in a life": Musically and literary production

Denis Goldberg

Highlight on the second festival day was the performance of “Moments in a life”, a musical interpretation of Goldbergs biography by Matthijs van Dijk with text from Goldberg. Preparations for this part of the event were made at different schools of Soest: Birgit Morgenrath did a book reading and reported on the life of Denis Goldberg, Bongani Justice as a young South African opened a dialog with teenagers of Soest and talked about the Apartheid in South Africa in 2017.

Gisela de Villers und Ensemble

Originally Denis Goldberg himself prepared to read parts of his autobiographical texts in a performance together with the chamber ensemble. After his cancellation the South African singer Gisela de Villiers took over the voice parts of him.
(Photos of the project: Michael Joswig, Christoph Hendricks, Maxine Sambale, Vitus Redmann, Musikschule Soest, private)

Together with music: Photo gallery school project

Photos from the school project with Birgit Morgenrath and Bongani Justice at the Soester high schools and trade schools as well as of the discussion round on the stage in the Strabag-Halle under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Weyer.

Photo gallery music performances

The performances dedicated to Denis Goldberg spanned from the first public performance of “Songs of Struggle, Voices of Freedom” under the direction of the canadian composer Timothy Phelan to the musically and literary production “Moments in a life”.

More photos…

…from the Strabag-Halle and preparations all around the international culture and music festival and other downloads can be found in the media documentation of the extra-page "70" of the music school Soest:

Soest in harmony - a city in unison

For the first time in Germany - unique in Soest: a city in unison. “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, the Anthem of Europe, sounds everywhere and simultaneous across the inner city of Soest.

Soest Marktplatz

Thursday 7 July 2016 - 8pm sharp

In this moment music will connect all citizens and guests of Soest across all ages and regardless of nationality and language. To achieve this musicians, choirs and ensembles spread out over the whole city to simultaneously, in same tempo and key, sound the first note.

Imagine you being there when young and old, from duo to choir, raise the “Ode to Joy” from the roofs of the city down into all streets and alleys. The organizers believe that this event could be something truly unique for both the participants and the audience. The concerted chimes of the church bells together with the release of many balloons will emphasize the idea of harmony and peace.

Already over 1,000 participants

Many institutions like kindergartens, elementary-, middle-, and high-schools as well as the technical college already prepared for this event, not only by participating in the form of bands and choirs but also by encouraging discussions about the importance of peace and harmony in our time.

“Soest in harmony” is part of the international music project from 4th to 8th of July 2016 in Soest in partnership with the World & European Brass Association under the direction of Prof. Otto Sauter. More about this in the ‘Common brass’ section. [Photo Marketplace Soest: Peter Dahm]

Soest in harmony - Media files

Video documentation from the organizer

Reportage Soester Anzeiger

WDR television “Lokalzeit”

Common brass on the church tower

World Bass Association for the first time in Soest 

Music connects - across all borders. For this reason the association musicWays Germany e.V. and the internationally recognized trompeter Prof. Otto Sauter invited 22 young talented brass players from multiple south- and middle american nations, partly from socially disadvantaged regions of their home countries, to Soest to participate in an international cultural exchange with the german youth.

Masterclasses from 4th to 8th July

The masterclasses with renown professors and rehearsals for the big final concert “Common brass for all” that will feature both the young musicians as well as the professors take place from 4th July to 8th July.

Professoren der Meisterkurse

Masterclass instructors: Prof. Otto Sauter (Trumpet, artistic lead), Prof. Jörgen van Rijen (Trombone) and Luca Benucci (Horn).

During the young talents stay in Soest they will participate in an intercultural exchange program. The highly talented musicians will interact with young citizens of Soest during their visits of several institutions (Schools, special schools, university, music school) by making music together and shaping workshops and discussions. This project is supported by Ursula Schmidt, vice president of the German Bundestag.

“Common brass” concert 8th of July

Final concert with all participants

Common brass – photo gallery

Photographic impressions of the many encounters with guest musicians from south- and middle america and professors during the intercultural exchange program in kindergartens, schools and with citizens of Soest.

“Soest in harmony is contagious and inspiring.” (Rubens Souza, Trombone player from Brazil)

“We never experienced something of this scope.” (Esteban and Mario, Horn players from Costa Rica)

“We believe that music can be a driving force of positive change in our society.” (Armando Cedillio, Trumpet instructor from Mexico)

MIAGI - South Africa as a guest in Soest

During summer of 2014 the founders of todays musicWays Germany association initiated an international cultur project in collaboration with the Music School Soest: “Südafrika zu Gast in Soest”. They invited the MIAGI Youth Orchestra and the New Skool Orchestra from South Africa to prepare their european concert tour in Soest. “MIAGI - Music Is A Great Investment” is the motto of the orchestra founder and singer Robert Brooks. This project was supported by mayor Dr. Eckhard Ruthemeyer and member of the german parliament Wolfgang Hellmich.

    Intercultural exchange

    This exchange will introduce the moving history of the Rainbownation to kids and youth of Soest. In the morning the musicians visited primary-, secondary- and high schools. Themes of this intercultural exchange were:

    • Experiences with Apartheid
    • Democratic understanding (Are european democratic models applicable to the african continent) 
    • The life and works of Nelson Mandela
    • The power of music as an integrative force

      You can find more about MIAGI and many music videos here:

      The Convos High school generously offered their sports hall as a rehearsal room. The rehearsals were open to the public and visited by local students and citizens. A central role in organization and execution of this orchestra project was played by the Music School Soest. Drummers from south africa visited many institutions to teach courses on playing the Djembe, a traditional african drum.

      On 27th of June the public general rehearsal “Südafrika in concert” took place in the sold out city hall of Soest. Afterwards the MIAGI orchestra started off to the european concert tour (Berliner Philharmonie, Laeiszhalle Hamburg, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Ludwigsburger Festspiele and more concerts in Sweden).

      MIAGI 2015 – New Skool Sextet

      MIAGI and South Africa back in Soest: During summer 2015 the New Skool Sextet under direction of Tshepo Tsotetsi visited Soest for a week. Besides intercultural exchange in schools there were rehearsals for a project that combined the Burning Big Band, the youth symphony orchestra of the Music School Soest and the New Skool Sextet under the lead of Tshepo Tsotetsi. On the 26th of June the final concert took place in the aula of the Schulzentrum Soest. During the first half of the concert the New Skool Sextet demonstrated their Jazz expertise. Under the lead of the south african conductor the ensembles of the Music School Soest played the second half.

      This experiment successfully bridged two continents with the help of music: german students & teachers and south african musicians. The photo gallery shows impressions from the event; music videos of the New Skool Sextet can be found on their YouTube channel.

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